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Easicult Combi

Easicult Combi dip slides are used for rapid monitoring of microbial contamination in industrial environments such as paint manufacturing, cutting fluids, paper/pulp, and fuel tanks. The slide is covered on one side with TTC media which supports the growth of most common bacteria, and on the other side with Rose-Bengal media which supports the growth of fungi.

  • Easy 3 step procedure; dip in fluid, incubate and read results
  • Convenient and cost effective on-site testing
  • Incubate at 27 to 30° C for 24-48 hours for detection bacteria; Yeast and molds need 3 days incubation at 27-30° C
  • Helps prevent equipment breakdowns by detecting early signs of corrosion or contamination
  • Ensures finished product quality
  • Can be used as a transport media for samples


Easicult Combi 10 4060
Easicult TTC 10 4030