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Hygicult TPC

Hygicult TPC is used for rapidly monitoring the general hygiene status of different types of surfaces. The TPC media supports the growth of bacteria as well as yeasts and fungi. The media also contains a neutralizer to clear any traces of cleaning agents on surfaces.

  • Convenient and cost effective on-site hygiene status testing in schools, hospitals, janitorial, and food service industry.

  • Easy 3 step procedure; dip in fluid or touch on surface, incubate and read results

  • Incubate at room temperature for 3 days or at 35-37° C for 24 hours

  • Hinged handle makes sampling easy 

  • AOAC approved 

  • Convenient transport media to lab when further interpretation is necessary

  • Interpret result with model chart included in package insert


Hygicult TPC 10 68010
Hygicult Y & F 10 4020