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Easicult* S

Easicult S culture tubes are used for the detection and monitoring of anerobic sulphide generating bacteria in industrial environments. The vials contain growth medium and a capillary tube. The sample is drawn into the tube which is then immersed in the medium. The medium turns black around and within the capillary tube, indicating the presence of sulphate-reducing bacteria.

  • Convenient and cost effective on-site testing 
  • Easy 2 step procedure; inoculate tube and read results
  • Incubate at 35° C for 5 days and compare the degree of media blacking in the tube with the model chart provided in the package insert 
  • Helps prevent equipment breakdowns by detecting early signs of corrosion or contamination

*Easicult is a registered trademark of Orion Diagnostica


Easicult Combi 10 4060
Easicult S 9 4040
Easicult TTC 10 4030